Tocar Massage

Tocar Massage

Tocar Massage, LLC provides mobile luxury spa and massage services from the comfort of your own home.

Some of the services offered are reflexology therapy, deep tissue massages, swedish massages, prenatal massage therapy, and reiki therapy.

Coty Pichon is the owner of Tocar Massage, LLC. After managing an outpatient substance abuse facility for a few years, it became very clear to Coty that herpurpose on this Earth was to aid in the healing of others.

Out of the various things that Coty studied, Massage Therapy is the field that allows her to do just that. In 2015, Coty became a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Louisiana and currently operates her mobile massage business here on the Northshore of Slidell, Louisiana.

Always eager to learn more, Coty recently received her certification and attunement to become a reiki practitioner. Coty is a Level II Reiki Master. This practice has brought Coty Pichon so much healing and satisfaction that she has decided to continue on with her teachings to become a Level III Reiki Master! With this final level of attunement, Coty will be able to teach and attune others who would also like to become practitioners and masters of reiki.

The goal of Tocar Massage, LLC is to provide each client with a premium service that allows them to experience the spa without ever leaving their house! Tocar Massage, LLC provides the essentials needed to transform your space to your very own personal escape. All that’s missing is you!

The Tocar Massage brand was inspired by natural elements. The color palette was chosen to give a calming and relaxing mood that invites clients to bring the “spa” to their home or business. The lotus icon used in the logo represents self-care and rebirth.

We designed the logo and branding for Tocar Massage as well as their business cards with 4 different colored backs. We also designed and set Coty up with a professional email through Gsuite.

Tocar Massage services Slidell, Louisiana and surrounding areas. Tocar Massage can be contacted by phone at (985) 285-1784 or they can be visited at

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Tocar Massage logo designed by Kates Digital Marketing
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